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Clicking within the frame below will cycle through the six images from the featured video links below it, providing an effect that simulates advancing through space.

POD_Chapter6-Cleanup_Finish POD_Chapter5-Toilet_Brush POD_Chapter4-DOW_Spray POD_Chapter3-Lysol_Wipes POD_Chapter2-Dry_Wipes-13 pod-e-training_presents300x200
The thumbnail images directly below are corresponding links to each of the new videos displayed in the HyperSpace Gallery above.

video clip iconvideo clip iconvideo clip iconvideo clip iconvideo clip iconvideo clip iconThis series on Toilet Cleaning 101 is brought to you by none other than The initial pilot episodes provide a video podcast program on completing basic family chores. Safety, thoroughness, and personal responsibility will be part of each show. We'll start with cleaning the toilet - inside and out - with gloves, of course!


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